Rainbow Competitive League – Winter 2023

About Competitive Rainbow League:

Rainbow Competitive League is an LGBTQIA+ community safe space that invites
veterans of Rainbow League and other experienced Dodgeball Seattle players to
compete at the highest level. We maintain all the amazing values that Rainbow League
stands for, and will continue to prioritize community, accountability, and representation.

We’re looking for players that want to focus on building competitive energy, growing
their personal skills, executing team strategy, and aligning with other talented and goal-
oriented individuals.

Rainbow Comp League encourages 1-2 seasons of experience in either Rainbow
League or similar/adjacent leagues. If you have any questions about eligibility or if
Rainbow Comp League might be right for you, please contact our league organizers.


Day of the Week: Sunday
Times: 7-9pm, except finals night which is 6-9pm
Location: Garfield Community Center
Start and End Dates: February 5th – March 26th (playoffs on the final night)
Format: 8 week season, timed matches for the entire season.
Registration Opens: December 26th
Early Bird Registration: $45, deadline January 1st midnight
Registration Deadline: $55, deadline January 15th midnight

League Organizers

Lee Knapp

Mark Tumiski

Thom Muccillo

Jimmy Knippen

Player Cap:

We are bringing Queer dodgeball to Garfield Community Center! There will be two courts playing simultaneously. We will be capping our league at 6 teams. 

If there are more registrations than roster spots available, we will give preference to queer-identifying and under-represented players with experience, and there will be a lottery to determine remaining players who are selected for the league.

Those not selected will be refunded after the lottery, and will automatically be added to a replacement player list should others withdraw. Subs will be welcome throughout the season, excluding finals night.


  • 7″ Foam Balls
  • 7v7 games
  • Teams play 4 matches a night
  • Teams will be drafted



Rainbow Competitive foam provides a space for players to grow and learn from each
other in competitive environment.
We play by the honors system. If you get hit, go out. Court officials will be there just in
case you miss something.


If you have any questions about the league or dodgeball in general please don’t hesitate to ask.

E-mail: rainbowcompleague@dodgeballseattle.com