Player Code of Conduct – Full Length

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Dodgeball Seattle Code of Conduct 

We are proud to offer a welcoming community that is accessible, safe, and fun. With that, it is also a privilege to be involved with our Community and we rely on our Core Values to define our culture. Behaviors that violate our Code of Conduct and/or our Core Values are unacceptable. 

Furthermore, Players and Members of the community are expected to comply with our Code of Conduct. Failure to do so can lead to a suspension from our Dodgeball Seattle community and events, up to and including a permanent ban. For more information, see our Threat of Harm policy and our Report A Problem policy

Expected Behavior

Compliance with Dodgeball Seattle Policies & Guidelines:

  • All participants must respect and comply with Dodgeball Seattle policies
  • All participants must complete all participation agreements, waivers, and paperwork as required for each Dodgeball Seattle event
  • Coaches and Captains are expected to help Dodgeball Seattle Organizers ensure their team completes all of the required forms

Stewardship for Our Sport

  • All participants are stewards for our sport and the teams we play for
  • How each participant behaves directly impacts what others think about our community and sport
  • Coaches, Captains, Organizers, and Leaders of the community are expected to convey this code of conduct to their team and help their players be the best stewards

Spirit of the Game: 

  • The way you treat people is EVERYTHING, winning is not
  • Every participant plays with the highest integrity and is responsible for officiating themselves
  • Each participant understands and plays by the rules 
  • A participant never ignores or deliberately breaks the rules

Respect for Teammates and Opponents: 

  • Participants are expected to contribute to the betterment of the community and build positive relationships with each other
  • Dodgeball Seattle values healthy competition, but never at the expense of another person 
  • Participants will acknowledge the setting, skills, and experience level of their opponent and adjust their play, language, and behavior to ensure everyone feels welcome and has fun
  • Any abuse (verbal, physical, or otherwise) of another participant, member, teammate or opponent is unacceptable

Respect for facilitators (Organizers, Captains, and Referees):

  • Keep in mind all of our events are volunteer-run by players and participants just like you; their efforts allow us to create dodgeball opportunities for everyone
  • Allow volunteers to do their jobs: hosting events, captaining their teams, and refereeing the games
  • Never use threatening or abusive language; remember this is a game – consider the impact of  your words  
  • If there are any issues, discuss them with your captain, Referees, and/or Organizers

Respect for Venues: 

  • Be respectful of the dodgeball venues, staff working the venues, and all others using the venues
  • Obey all applicable laws, regulations, and posted signs
  • Be good citizens and stewards of the community centers
  • Abide by the ‘leave no trace’ motto and pick up all trash and other belongings
  • Report any venue issues to Organizers or Captains
  • Never use threatening or abusive language in our venues

Fair Treatment of Others: 

  • All participants are to be treated fairly and respectfully regardless of gender identity, place of origin, race, sexual orientation, religion, political belief, or economic status
  • All participants will actively support our under-represented community members’ inclusion, participation, and enjoyment
  • Threats, abuse, discrimination, or harassment of any kind are prohibited
  • It is the responsibility of all participants, and especially Team Captains/Organizers to promote the fair treatment of others when they observe those values being ignored
  • Severe or repeated issues should be reported to Team Captains and Organizers

Safe Play:

  • Rules and policies exist for the safety and enjoyment of all people
  • Play and compete with regard for the safety and well-being of everyone
  • It is the responsibility of all players to avoid contact and potentially dangerous whenever possible
  • Players are expected to be aware of their body and actions on the court as well as pay attention to the actions of others to avoid contact
  • In contentious situations, participants are expected to embody principles of “Spirit of the Game” in their efforts to self-officiate and manage the game in a calm and responsible manner

Reporting a Problem

Have you experienced or witnessed a violation of the Dogeball Seattle Code of Conduct? Would you like to file an official complaint to the Dodgeball Seattle Board? Click the button below to get started.