What is ‘The Foamy’?

The Foamy is a 7″ foam dodgeball tournament focused on having fun. Our goal is to create a dodgeball environment where everyone can have fun while still getting their fill of friendly competition. Through a variety of interleaved fun games like no-block, ultimate, America ball, medic, and more, we bring a light-hearted element to the sport you love.

The Venue

The tournament will be held at Green Lake Community Center. We divide the gym into three separate dodgeball courts. It’s cozy, but comfortable.

Directions to the Green Lake Community Center

Event Details:

Date: July 9th
Times: 9:30am-4:30pm
Location: Green Lake Community Center
Address: 7201 East Green Lake Dr N, Seattle, WA 98115
Registration Cost: $300 per team
Registration Deadline: June 18th
Team Cap: Only 12 teams will be accepted.

Tournament Format:

Rules: Dodgeball Seattle Rec Rules (note: this is subject to change)
Ball Type: 7″ Foam
Teams: Bring your own team! Teams can have up to 8 players with a minimum of three female players.
Competition: While it is impossible to control the competitiveness of an event, the foamy is not intended to be highly competitive. In line with the spirit of the tournament, we ask that established competitive teams register with no more than 3 members of their usual roster.
Round Robin: We will be using a swiss style round robin format with 12 minute timed rounds. The first game of each match uses normal rules. After that, the losing team may choose the game variant.
Knockout Bracket: Double Elimination (winner’s bracket team gets a one point lead in finals)


The venue has parking right outside the facility. There is also ample parking in the surrounding residential neighborhood.


Participants will receive a team t-shirt as we have done in the past. T-shirts are either black, grey, or white, but the ink color will be your choice.


Please let us know if you have any questions or if your team has any challenges. We are here to help and do all we can to get you to The Foamy.

E-mail: roy@dodgeballseattle.com