Player Code of Conduct – Summary

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Spirit of the Game 

  • Players must treat each other fairly and with respect. 
  • Everyone is expected to play with the highest levels of integrity.

Respect for Teammates and Opponents 

  • Build positive relationships with all. 
  • Competition should never come at the expense of another person. 
  • All forms of abuse are unacceptable. 

Respect for Organizers (Event hosts, captains, and referees)

  • Our events are volunteer-run and player-run. 
  • Appreciate their work.
  • Let them perform their roles.

Fair Treatment of Others 

  • All participants are to be treated fairly. 
  • All participants are to promote the fair treatment of others. 
  • All participants are to support the inclusion, participation, and enjoyment of under-represented community members. 

Safe Play 

  • Dodgeball is a non-contact sport. 
  • Players are expected to be aware of their body, their actions, and their throws.
  • All players are expected to avoid contact and dangerous throws. 

Compliance with Dodgeball Seattle Policies & Guidelines 

  • All participants must respect and comply with Dodgeball Seattle policies. 
  • All participants must complete all agreements, waivers, required for leageus and tournaments. 
  • Coaches and captains are expected to support their teams in completing all required forms to participate. 

Stewardship for Our Sport

  • All participants are stewards for our sport and our community. 
  • All participants should adjust their level play to their environment and to their opponents. 
  • All participants are to behave in a way that reflects well upon Dodgeball Seattle. 

Reporting a Problem

Have you experienced or witnessed a violation of the Dogeball Seattle Code of Conduct? Would you like to file an official complaint to the Dodgeball Seattle Board? Click the button below to get started.