Block Party Throwdown



The Block Party Throwdown is back BBQ style! Join us for our the annual outdoor event of the summer. We’ll begin with some warmup games and refreshments while the participants are divided onto competitively balanced teams. The newly created teams will have a chance to come up with a team name (last year’s team names: DONG, Catch Me If You Can, Dark Rainbows, SPF 1,000,000), mottos, chants, secret plays, secret handshakes, etc. AND then we will begin an epic round robin schedule of games. The round Robin will be three games long. The RR will last until 2:30pm. We’ll take a food / water break until 3:30pm and start up the knock out portion of the tourney. The knock out rounds will be a double elimination (depends on the number of teams we get) and will be best of seven game matches. The finals will be a winner take all best of nine game match.

For the dodgeballers: This will be a 7-on-7, co-ed tourney. Deflections are live off a ball. Catching a ball deflected off a teammate counts as a save (not a catch). Headshots are not allowed.Teams will start each game with 2 LIVE balls in hand. Three more balls will be up for grabs on the center line, and must be checked behind the neutral zone before being thrown. We’ve tested this format and the games started with excitement and strategy.


The Dodgeball
Cal Anderson Dodgeball Court
1603 Nagle Pl, Seattle, WA 98122 [Map]


Saturday July 26th, 2014
Dodgeball: 11pm – 5pm
BBQ: 2:30pm – late


$5 per player

Please pre-register via Paypal
(send without fees please!)


Format & Rules

Short version: 7-on-7 co-ed teams. Rubber balls. Pinch okay. Standing head shots are illegal. Neutral zone. Deflections are live. RR matches are 3 games long. Knock out rounds are best of 7. Full version of rules


Please let us know if you have any questions or comments. If you’re interested in coming and you’re having issues making it happen, let us know. We want more dodgeball, we want it with you, and we’ll do whatever we can to make it happen.